Oreos & Redwine Has Moved!


It’s true, I have moved to a different location. Please follow me at my new home here. It’s a new design and I’m lovin’ it!


Smashing ;)


Beautiful day here in LA! Gorgeous! Came into work last Sat and Tay started freaking out and saying how much I looked like Katherine McPhee from Smash in this video with Jeremy Jordan for Rewrite This Story. I had no idea what she was talking about, but certainly surprised when I saw my outfit actually did resemble her own ensemble and I have to say I was quite pleased that I put together an outfit that a trained costumer put together for the great Katherine McPhee. Schaaweeeeetttt! Hey, I’ll take my “gets” when I can. 😉





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Quote Of The Day

respecttitlecardDemand respect. If you don’t, no one will. As much good as there is in the world, knowing you deserve good and to be good, you have to believe in that yourself. It’s not selfish, it’s standing up for yourself and not letting yourself be walked on. The time is now. Get to it.






RESPECTtheearthThere are several things to respect as well if they are a part of you. It also seems so easy a task, that for some reason, some of us can’t bring ourselves to demand that respect. Why is that? And why do we allow it to continue happening time after time. Something to think about, and ah, see? now I’ve become quite pensive!

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My Many Musings…


Happy Friday indeed! Now, for most people it’s the end of your week, your saving grace that you’re able to rest for a couple days, have some BBQs and enjoy sleeping in. However, for me, my weekend is Mon/Tues, so I’m just now getting in the groove of my week and headed in for a busy weekend at that at the bridal store. But here’s to you and “Happy Friday!”


My favorite pin of the week!  Make sure you check out my pinterest, because I’m probably pinning about 4/5 times a day. I do it while I walk my dog, blog, eating breakfast, and when I’m trying to find inspiration for just about anything. I’m a pinning feign.


New book club read and it’s an easy read at that. If you liked The Other Boleyn Girl, you’ll definitely like it. I just started but so far so good!


Speaking of book club, the three of us girls in my own book club had our first outing together and we went to see The Great Gatsby. First of all, I was a fan of Leo before, but now, whew! Those eyes (sigh) and all of his choices and expressions were awesome and I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. I was a little nervous about it, since I was really annoyed by Daisy’s character in the book, but surprisingly the movie left me feeling exactly like I think it should have. There’s so much hope and fun in the beginning and then in the end…well I don’t want to ruin it if you haven’t seen it or read the book. Read the book, go see the movie.

Again, Happy Friday!

Happy Friday/ Denim On Denim/ The Lady of The Rivers/ Jay Gatsby

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Sweetness In Turquoise & Maroon

TayTitle Tay2 Taydetails TayLabels

Work, work, and more work. For Tay it’s all her classes at FIDM and myself busy with auditions and the bridal store; keeping up with my brides, my dresses, and my social media for Lovely. We just launched our ready-to-wear line called ShopLovely.com and you should definitely check it out. I’m totally obsessed with one of the dresses and I’m hoping to call it mine soon! But in the meantime, I shall be truly inspired by Tay and her classic but trendy style. Thanks Tay 😉

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Quote Of The Day

Secret-of-Change“…building the new.” Yes, sir.

You see and know the person you want to be, and why does it seem so hard to make that happen? I think you just have to take step by little step, and before long, you’ll look up and see that you made it. Doesn’t seem so hard, now does it?

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My Many Musings…

BraidsIt’s all about the braids and bows this week. Can’t get enough of them and I can say with absolute confidence that they aren’t going anywhere. The “trend” is not a trend, it’s classic. Braids will be what I wear tomorrow and I’m excited to try some new tutorials I’ve found on pinterest. (Perhaps do a tutorial on here? Hmmm.)


Bows have been in the hair for my manager and I all this week, usually paired with something a little more masculine, like a flannel shirt and boots. I love it both ways, but I’m very excited to try the scarf bow for my hair. I have a brown polka dot one that I am eager to use, and we all know how I feel about polka dots!

Have a great weekend! And don’t forget to wish your mama a Happy Mother’s Day!

Side Braid/ Braided Bun/ Sweet Curly Bow/ Scarf Bow

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Cute To Boot


Is she not just cute to boot? And quite literally with her outfit. Tay never ceases to astound me with her choices and this somewhat trendy style is totally classy and sexy at the same time. And this awesome wear-it-with-anthing belt is from her mama. What goes around comes around. I do have to say as well, that shopping with Tay is a WAY better experience than just shopping alone. She’ll definitely tell you “yes” or “no,” which is very helpful when it comes to the pocket book. (Or maybe not so helpful! Eek!) Happy Thursday y’all. Knock ’em dead.

cutetoboot2 cutetoboot3 Cutetoboot4

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Quote Of The Day

startedlivingDone. Awhile ago, an unfortunate event happened, and upon hearing it, I thought, “wow, the character of some people, astound me.” It’s incredible how some people milk things to get what they want. Amazing.

I did also have a bride in this past week whose twin sister was just so calm and collected, you knew she had her life exactly the way she wants it. Successful, intelligent, fashionable, just plain had her shit together. It was really inspiring.

So meeting this very happy woman to hearing about my circumstance with someone who is probably not happy whatsoever, has projected me into a “self-help” if you will. I’ve been researching financial avenues to retire on, I’ve completely gutted my apartment with the things I do not need, and I’m creating a site as we speak to promote myself involving my talents as an actress. But it doesn’t stop there! I highly recommend a book called The Beauty Detox Solution by Kimberly Snyder. Um, pretty much changing my life. Nothing but good things to say, and seeing the benefits of eating healthy are indescribable. I leave the above quote up to you on whether you’re inspired or not, though I sincerely hope it does.

Quote thanks to zsazsabellagio

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Sunburst & Casual Friday


Last Friday was a success, but Saturday night was a tad painful. Meaning that it was a full day of work at the bridal store and then decided to go out with the girls….Should have thought it through a bit more. 1Am rolls around, and I’m dead tired and ready to go. However, after the swankiness of Laurel Tavern, everyone had a hankering for some Ihop. …Oh…dear. I fell asleep at the table! I’m sad, I know. But overall the night was good, the girls were great, and the atmosphere is highly recommended.

sunburst2 sunburst3 sunburst4Madewell/ American Eagle/ Free People

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