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Silly Girls Are The Best Girls

Silly girls ARE the best! It’s so good to have a night with just your girls, watch a movie, good talks. Even hour long phone calls are the best with your girls. So here’s to them. The girls that keep you smiling, laughing, and keep you silly. 🙂

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My Musings…

This year, I was so excited to have maybe my only second White Christmas ever, or well at least that I remember.  The first was the first year I came back home from Los Angeles. This year was also a complete surprise but very welcome. Had a wonderful Christmas! Saw some movies, visited with family, opened presents (which by the way, I have a new drill set complete with a table saw, Woot Woot!), not enough snow for a snowman, but took lots of pictures, and Emma enjoyed wearing her new toggle sweater.

Some of this week’s favorite musings…

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