The WorkOut Bet

title{Lower Abs Trifecta}

So obviously it’s that time of year when everyone tries their best to put into action their New Year’s resolutions, one of which is usually to workout more.  Well in the spirit of doing just that, my girls and I have decided to do a bet. There is a set workout each of us must do:

100 crunches/sit ups

20 push ups

30 glute kicks on both legs

30 lunges of each leg

30 calve raises

30 squats

yoga{Yoga Pose}

Easy, right? And now the conditions to keep us going:

Must do this workout everyday before midnight.  Once we have done it, we text each other to say “Workout Day 2, DONE!” (Sure, yes this has a lot to do with trust, but think of it as letting down your girl if you lie.) This is done everyday for just 1 month, and if we all do it everyday, at the end of the month we decide where we’re going for a girl’s trip, splitting the whole thing. If one of us lies, or cheats and doesn’t complete it, then that girl has to pay for a trip for all of us. I’d say it’s a pretty good incentive. 🙂 We can always add more to the workout, but must do the above sets.

ballet{Ballet Handstand}

qoute{Runners, Stretching, Quote}

Hey, feeling pretty good and it’s only Day 2! Here are some other sets I’m inspired by and will be adding to the list. Happy New Year’s Resolution!



thighs{Back On Pointe}

These sets from this girl are awesome! I suggest trying them and adding them to your resolutions. Want to join in on the bet? You know you can, only takes about 30 minutes and you’re done. Not to mention you will feel amazing, accomplished, gratified, superb, energized, triumphant, fabulous, sexy, and well the list goes on and on. Enjoy. You wont regret it. 🙂


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