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Sooooooo, I have the flu. And what feels like strep. Ha. So I sincerely apologize for the delay in posts. But I do have lots to share as a Friday wrap up should. Last Saturday, one the designers we carry at my bridal store, {OOPS, insert here is that I’m a bridal stylist amongst a few other jobs,} had a fashion show to premiere her new Fall 2013 collection of bridal gowns!  Lindee Daniel is all eco-friendly using organic cotton and wild silk, even her name tags are bio-degradable and can be used to plant flowers. My manager Merrill, Tay, and I all went and had front row seats to see all the beauty. Even the food was delicious! Here are just a few glimpses, catch our full coverage of the show here at Lovely Bride.

LDFashionShow2 LD4 LD6 LD9

{Sweet Little Photographs}

And for yesterday and today where I am at right this moment is the ever wonderful and amazing BLOGSHOP! Full of incredible information, I highly recommend this program! Not to mention I can’t wait to share with you all my ideas and creativity I have in my head to be finally transferred into my blogging! Woot Woot!

Here are some cool things I’ve started…

blogshopwriting pin-board parisfriends oreosandredwinetitle

Have a wonderful day and a quick shout out for everyone to get their flu shot if you haven’t already.  This stuff is not fun.

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