A Charming Office on the Wish List!

Feeling better, slow getting to 100% but eh, I’ve learned my lesson and next year I’m definitely getting a flu shot. However,  I have had lots of time in my apartment and found myself wanting an actual designated spot to blog. An office if you will. And to be perfectly honest, my “office” will be right next to my bed and double as a nightstand.  Ha. But I think I can work with it.  I think it’s important to discover what you actually NEED for your office.  I don’t have lots of fabric swatches (yet) and I don’t need tons of space for files on my desk. Just a little organization and a place where I can come to, be comfortable, and do my blogging or bills.

And so I’ve scoured Pinterest like I normally do all day, and have a few inspirational photos to contemplate.  Coming soon, will be some items I think will work and so the designing begins for my little office space. 🙂

loveoffice {Clean and Glam Office}beautifulandbright {UP Close Organziation}upcloseorganization {Sophisticated & Vintage}prettypretty {Pretty & Glam Office}prettysophistication{Fashion Forward}

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