Book Club!

Ironic really how you meet people, and how small this world really is. Sitting on the plane on my way to Texas for the holidays, I sit next to a charming couple doing the same.  They happen to be about my age, in the industry, one of their good friends is a good friend of mine from an acting class, and then to top it all off, they’re just genuinely awesome people. Talked the whole flight, and said our goodbyes promising to be in touch in the new year. However, not before Tiffany explained to me how much she wanted to start a book club, and here I was thinking no one would do that with me.  I realize how domesticated and bookworm I sound, but to be honest, I kinda like it. 🙂 So all in all, I invited Merrill, Steph, and a sweetheart I just met, Julz, to join in and everyone’s game!

Thanks to Tiffany’s first book choice, Hope, A Tragedy, we are reading a funny and quite amusing tale of a man who reluctantly climbs into his attic because he fears the tapping sound he hears is mice, when it turns out to be a very old Anne Frank. ???? Right?  Can’t wait to finish and talk about this one! Perhaps you will enjoy it too. Try it. Why not?

hopeatragedy {Hope, A Tragedy}

bookclubtemplate {Coffee  Cups, Reading Nook, Rustic Reading}

twoshotbooks {Coffee/Book Sign, Book Club Party}

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One thought on “Book Club!

  1. […] last book club meeting was great! Our last book posted here, was good. Interesting and comedic, although, my expressions were more like the yellow pill shaped […]

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