My Many Musings…

TGIF!! Usually everyone else’s weekends are my busy work days in the bridal world, but this weekend is an exception! Devin and I are off to Catalina for the first time and I could not be more excited! A nice three day weekend to relax, hike, and watch some Niners’ championship football. (Now, I hail from Texas, so I will always be a Cowboys fan at heart, but the Niners do play some damn good football, and Kaepernick is an instant favorite.)

But in the meantime, to set off the weekend right, here are some musings from this week!

BLuJam1{Tay & I at Blu Jam Cafe! We did however bring Food & Lab lattes with us. ;)}

babysbreath1{Baby’s Breath from market in one of my hanging planters from IKea. Perfect for right in front of my window.}

coffee1{New coffee maker from my someone special! I think I’m getting better at making coffee. Not sure I have the greatest track record when it comes to this stuff. 🙂 But this morning’s cup wasn’t too bad at all!}

hotchoc1{Had a girl’s night this week! Erica made us some amazing chicken and vegetable stew and Tay made some Hot Chocolate for dessert. Yum!}

scarf1{Another gift from Devin 🙂 A blue silk scarf all the way from his trip to Thailand.}

jewelrybox1{The decorator in me will change things around every now and then and my bathroom was the latest change. A small jewelry box from Anthropologie  now holds my main pieces and now easy to grab after makeup and hair is done!}

catalinaHope everyone has a wonderful weekend and enjoy the warm sunny California weather while it’s here!

Woot Woot! Catalina!

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