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Quote Of The Day



Happy Wednesday everyone! Today is about change. You probably have an image of what you’d like to be. Maybe you’re tired of being in the same spot in work or just life in general? You can be what you want. You can be who you need to be, and imagining yourself that way is the first step. Strive to do it, be it. It’s possibly a lot easier than you think it is.

So today, I am imagining myself getting a lot done today, checking things off my list like the type A person I need to be. I’m also imagining myself in a turquoise skirt and white blazer for work. Gonna make it happen! 😉

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My Many Musings…


As a gift, I’ve been given three months of Birchbox. It’s possibly one of the best gifts you can give a girl, especially a blogger girl.  Birchbox sends you 4-5 samples of new products in a small little box once a month. Sometimes I get a hot new nail polish or others the most amazing lip balm that makes my lips feel perfect as soon as it’s on. Try it for yourself. It doesn’t cost an arm and a leg at all! 10$/month! Sounds like a win, and for me, it most certainly is.


After my last post on Friday, Devin and I had a double date night with some friends and ended the night with some hard core games of Rumikub. Never played it? or even worse, never even heard of it??? It’s an instant obsession. Better get your game face on!


Birthday Girl, Liz, decided Korean BBQ and karaoke was what she wanted to celebrate with, and I can honestly say there was some stumbling and some really bad singing going on. The best part of the night was definitely when all the boys got together for the perfect boy band show down and sang some Backstreet Boys “Everybody.” ….uhh, yah.


Oh gosh, go ahead and say it, I’m completely domesticated. I know, I know. But let me say that being part of a girl’s night book club has been one of the best things of this new year. We agreed to read Hope, A Tragedy, which was great. Comedic and interesting, an easy read, but some say pretty controversial. I think, read it for yourself and you can say what you like. It was great getting to know the girls more, and everyone’s contributions to the menu were fantastic. Fruit plate, veggie plate (not pictured), kale salad, and a lemon tart topped with raspberries for dessert was totally on par. We had a wonderful time sharing our thoughts on the reading material and can’t wait for the next on April Fool’s Day! We are scheduled to read The Great Gatsby, (uh, already started and can’t put it down. WHY haven’t I read this before!), and The Story of Edgar Sawtelle, a heartwarming story about a mute boy and his dog companion. Lookin’ forward to it ladies!


I think it was about time for some new glasses. I ran out of contacts about a month or so ago and have been wearing my glasses since. I like my glasses but I feel pretty dorky sometimes when I constantly have to push them back up on my nose. However, found this wonderful little place close to home, and not only were they THE sweetest people alive, the doc told me my eyes have not only changed prescription, but they have actually gotten better! Woot Woot! Go eyes! Not that there was a dramatic change, but enough to make me feel good about it considering family history. 🙂 And while waiting to check out, I found a few eye glasses that struck my fancy. I love glasses. There’s something so smart about them. A little sophistication if you will. And I will! I found some Vera Wang’s that I love! I pick them up tomorrow! 🙂 I feel smarter already. I mean more smart. 😉

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Quote Of The Day


Been Trying to convince Tay to share my blog with me till she has time for her own. So I’ll just start by putting up her quotes on Wednesdays, and maybe then she’ll be so excited to contribute that it’ll transfer easily. 🙂  Today, this one really hit me.   Sometimes there are things in life that you can’t change, you have to go through them to get to the next chapter. As much as they might suck, or in the words of my 16 year old sister, “My life is over,” there’s always a window somewhere letting in the light. So don’t stay stuck, or feel like you are. You have the power to turn the page.

Happy Wednesday Loves!

XOXO -Whit & Tay

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Dark Vixen & Lime/Coral


Oh how silly we are indeed. A great and very busy weekend with full appointments all days. We definitely love our job, but at the end of the day, we are craving that glass of wine. Nice little way to end the day. But hey, I do get to work with my best friend and I’d say that’s pretty awesome. The wine is just the cherry on top! 😉

darkvixenfullbody darkvixendetails

Tay was my “Dark Vixen” on Saturday. Selling three gowns that day, she rocked it and looked very stylish doing it.

limeandcoralfullbody limeandcoraldetails

Can’t tell you how comfortable I was in this! And I guess it’s an early start to spring, but I am having a very fruitful time as I’m realizing how many coral pieces I actually do have . …hehe.

Hope all had a wonderful 3day weekend! Book Club was last night, so I do have updates for you for My Many Musings on Friday. Also a great picture from a karaoke bar of all the boys gettin’ down and jiggy with it for Liz’s birthday! Priceless 🙂

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My Many Musings…


Happy Anniversary Lovely! Yesterday was Lovely LA’s one year anniversary. We’ve had a lot of fun, and even though there are changes being made, Lovely is still beautiful as always and certainly here for the bridechilla! We are also opening two new stores in the next couple months, Lovely DC and Lovely Philly! Woot woot!! Very exciting indeed!  Stay tuned for more news!

Pershing-Square Hairspray

Pershing Square is very relaxing for being right in the midst of the Downtown LA, and it felt really good to just sit in the sun. I was also told about this amazing hairspray that 1.) smells awesome, 2.) doesn’t make your hair stiff straight, and 3.) not that expensive! Sounds like a win, win…win to me. 😉

Also, Girl’s Night was great, finally got all four of us together!  It’s been awhile! Watching The Bachelor, cooking taco salad together, and catching each other up with all the latest news was so nice and one of my favorite parts of the week.

Valentine’s last night was superb. Devin and I cooked dinner together and watched our favorite show, Suits. Very relaxing, and I have to say I’m smitten. 🙂 He is wonderful.


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Tay’s Girly Chic!


Look at this Cutie McCuterson! Saturday didn’t start off as planned, called in our coffees that we get EVERY Saturday before work, and go to pick them up finding that they haven’t even started yet. Which of course made us late to work, blah. Tay spilled coffee on her white jeans, but whew! was able to use a Tide stick to get out the stain. Some good appointments at the bridal store, some crazy ones, and then our salvation…Sushi On La Cienega. Oh Green Dragon roll how we love you. 🙂  Good luck this week everybody, and let’s hope for no spilled coffee!  Girl’s Night with Tay watching The Bachelor. Hehehe, Tiara is CRAY CRAY!!

girlychic3 girlychic4 girlychicdetail2girlychic5

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My Many Musings…

blueanimatedflowerHello All! Happy Friday! This week has had it’s ups and downs. Celebrated a very special lady’s birthday, was finally able to see Les Miserables (UhMazing!), and need to stock up on some Oreos and red wine. BUT, overall a great week!  Want to give another birthday wish to my good friend Evan. May your day, night, and the rest of the weekend be as crazy as you hope it to be! And with that, Happy Friday, and see you next week!

Photo Shoot with SIBO Designs!


Had a photo shoot before the holidays with photographer Caroline Tran to shoot wedding accessories for SIBO Designs. Absolutely love all the accessories from veils to sashes. Ugh, gorgeous. 🙂 Check out all of SIBO’s accessories here and for more information on how you can find them for your special day!

InBloomdetailSIBOhairaccessories4 SIBOveil2 SIBOhairaccessory3

The shoot was styled by the lovely Wilmarose of Lovely Jubilee, and all hair and makeup was done by Theresa Huang and her girls.  I think they changed my hair about 10 times that day! When I got home, I think I probably pulled out about 75 bobbi pins.

SIBOhairandsash SIBOHairpiece1 SIBOhairpiece2 SIBOveil1

What a lovely day indeed as Wilmarose pulled dresses from Lovely LA for the shoot! The pink and lace gowns are “Blushing” and “Romanced” by the infamous Sarah Seven and the tiered sweetheart gown is by Ivy & Aster called “In Bloom.” Thank you ladies, I had a blast!

Accessories/SIBO Designs by Sheila BobeldijkPhotography/Caroline Tran, Styling/Lovely Jubilee, Hair & Makeup/ Theresa Huang

Chalkboard Shoe Box Lids

BathroomdecorchalkboardsignsThe thing I love most about this project, is that it’s a chalkboard, and therefore, very easy to change what it says. Or if I want a little color, I just add it. My words have always been “Dream” and “Believe.” My sister, Hannah, has always been “Hope” and “Faith.” Perhaps that will be a good birthday present for her. I can’t believe she’s going to be 17 years old. Crazy. But anyways, hope you like the project and it will inspire you to do a chalkboard sign as well. 🙂

Chalkboard-Shoe-Box-Lids{Step 1.} Using shoe box lids that you don’t use anymore are easy and less expensive than actual canvas. Pour a small, needed amount of black chalkboard paint, or even a brighter color, onto the shoebox lid and spread over with a paint roller for best results.

PaintedBlackChalkboardsigns{Step 2.} Once completely covered, let the paint dry fully for about an hour or two. Apply a second coat.

dreamandbelievechalkboardsigns{Step 3.} Once dry, with a piece of chalk, write, draw, scribble whatever you like! Maybe your favorite quote, or hearts for the upcoming Valentine’s Day? Either way, very fun, and super easy!

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Lovely LA is having a Trunk Show

Very excited to share with all my friends that my bridal salon is having a trunk show for Love, Yu. All of those gowns will be 10% off and they are truly Lovely indeed. Thought I’d share, and hope to see any of you newly engaged ladies there!



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