Chalkboard Shoe Box Lids

BathroomdecorchalkboardsignsThe thing I love most about this project, is that it’s a chalkboard, and therefore, very easy to change what it says. Or if I want a little color, I just add it. My words have always been “Dream” and “Believe.” My sister, Hannah, has always been “Hope” and “Faith.” Perhaps that will be a good birthday present for her. I can’t believe she’s going to be 17 years old. Crazy. But anyways, hope you like the project and it will inspire you to do a chalkboard sign as well. 🙂

Chalkboard-Shoe-Box-Lids{Step 1.} Using shoe box lids that you don’t use anymore are easy and less expensive than actual canvas. Pour a small, needed amount of black chalkboard paint, or even a brighter color, onto the shoebox lid and spread over with a paint roller for best results.

PaintedBlackChalkboardsigns{Step 2.} Once completely covered, let the paint dry fully for about an hour or two. Apply a second coat.

dreamandbelievechalkboardsigns{Step 3.} Once dry, with a piece of chalk, write, draw, scribble whatever you like! Maybe your favorite quote, or hearts for the upcoming Valentine’s Day? Either way, very fun, and super easy!

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