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As a gift, I’ve been given three months of Birchbox. It’s possibly one of the best gifts you can give a girl, especially a blogger girl.  Birchbox sends you 4-5 samples of new products in a small little box once a month. Sometimes I get a hot new nail polish or others the most amazing lip balm that makes my lips feel perfect as soon as it’s on. Try it for yourself. It doesn’t cost an arm and a leg at all! 10$/month! Sounds like a win, and for me, it most certainly is.


After my last post on Friday, Devin and I had a double date night with some friends and ended the night with some hard core games of Rumikub. Never played it? or even worse, never even heard of it??? It’s an instant obsession. Better get your game face on!


Birthday Girl, Liz, decided Korean BBQ and karaoke was what she wanted to celebrate with, and I can honestly say there was some stumbling and some really bad singing going on. The best part of the night was definitely when all the boys got together for the perfect boy band show down and sang some Backstreet Boys “Everybody.” ….uhh, yah.


Oh gosh, go ahead and say it, I’m completely domesticated. I know, I know. But let me say that being part of a girl’s night book club has been one of the best things of this new year. We agreed to read Hope, A Tragedy, which was great. Comedic and interesting, an easy read, but some say pretty controversial. I think, read it for yourself and you can say what you like. It was great getting to know the girls more, and everyone’s contributions to the menu were fantastic. Fruit plate, veggie plate (not pictured), kale salad, and a lemon tart topped with raspberries for dessert was totally on par. We had a wonderful time sharing our thoughts on the reading material and can’t wait for the next on April Fool’s Day! We are scheduled to read The Great Gatsby, (uh, already started and can’t put it down. WHY haven’t I read this before!), and The Story of Edgar Sawtelle, a heartwarming story about a mute boy and his dog companion. Lookin’ forward to it ladies!


I think it was about time for some new glasses. I ran out of contacts about a month or so ago and have been wearing my glasses since. I like my glasses but I feel pretty dorky sometimes when I constantly have to push them back up on my nose. However, found this wonderful little place close to home, and not only were they THE sweetest people alive, the doc told me my eyes have not only changed prescription, but they have actually gotten better! Woot Woot! Go eyes! Not that there was a dramatic change, but enough to make me feel good about it considering family history. 🙂 And while waiting to check out, I found a few eye glasses that struck my fancy. I love glasses. There’s something so smart about them. A little sophistication if you will. And I will! I found some Vera Wang’s that I love! I pick them up tomorrow! 🙂 I feel smarter already. I mean more smart. 😉

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