Dress It Up!

whitarrowOk I know I haven’t posted in awhile, but I’ve been in and out of town, and been my usual busy bee. BUT, I have a whole week planned and I’m excited to share! Tay and I have been brainstorming on posts and the like, where we’d like the blog to go, image and all that! She’s having finals this week, and getting 100s left and right! Woot Woot! Go Tay! I’m sure you can expect a great quote from her tomorrow, but in the meantime, you’ll have to patiently sit through a style post from me. 😉 I hope it does at least inspire you some what.

whit3 whitdetails Upon further review I see that my vest needs some serious lint rolling! Blah. But moving right along to the dress, I’m totally sold when a dress has pockets! Woohoo! Quite a few of our dresses at the shop have pockets in them. Can you imagine?! A wedding gown with pockets! Ok, maybe it’s not as cool as I think it is, but I think it’s pretty handy.

Vest & Dress: Club Monaco

Shoes: Forever 21

whitarrowfeet whit5

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