Mother’s Day Is Coming!

mothersdayideasMother’s Day, as I’m hoping you know, is right around the corner. This coming Sunday in fact. Don’t forget the woman who gave you life!!! My own mom, is wonderful, and is definitely amazing at just about everything. DIYs, finding the coolest vintage items to repurpose and make her home look like a magazine, always there when you need her, fashionable, and great caretaker. Loving and considerate, compassionate, and strong. She’s pretty much awesome.

Now for a little explanation on the above. If I could get my mom a pool, I would, but seeing as this sort of “item” is not easily mailable from California, might have to hold off. But like I said, if I could, I would!

Mom has a lot of necklaces, and seriously, she wears each one for different outfits. Love that. She most definitely has more than I do, but you know a necklace is always a great gift for her.

Candle sticks are something I would say both her and I are addicted to. Anytime we see really cool candle sticks we grab at the chance. Just really easy, really pretty additions to any room. The decorator in us is obsessed!

One of Mom and I’s favorite things to do when I’m visiting home, is sit on the couch together and look through decor magazines. We’ll have our coffee in the morning and just chat about ideas we have or just silly stories. Getting her a magazine subscription to one of them may be hard, because she probably already has them all, but I should be able to find at least one she doesn’t have. …right?


I know it’s a little early perhaps, but since Mother’s Day falls on Sunday, wanted to go ahead and say…Happy Mother’s Day!!! I love you!

Pool Escape/ JCrew Necklaces/ Pottery Barn Candlesticks/ Flea Market Magazine

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One thought on “Mother’s Day Is Coming!

  1. Lola says:

    You make Motherhood very easy. Thank you for the being a great kid and a wonderful person! I can’t imagine loving you more than the day when I found out I was going to be a mom, but you make it so easy everyday to love you more and more.

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