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My Many Musings…


Happy Friday indeed! Now, for most people it’s the end of your week, your saving grace that you’re able to rest for a couple days, have some BBQs and enjoy sleeping in. However, for me, my weekend is Mon/Tues, so I’m just now getting in the groove of my week and headed in for a busy weekend at that at the bridal store. But here’s to you and “Happy Friday!”


My favorite pin of the week!  Make sure you check out my pinterest, because I’m probably pinning about 4/5 times a day. I do it while I walk my dog, blog, eating breakfast, and when I’m trying to find inspiration for just about anything. I’m a pinning feign.


New book club read and it’s an easy read at that. If you liked The Other Boleyn Girl, you’ll definitely like it. I just started but so far so good!


Speaking of book club, the three of us girls in my own book club had our first outing together and we went to see The Great Gatsby. First of all, I was a fan of Leo before, but now, whew! Those eyes (sigh) and all of his choices and expressions were awesome and I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. I was a little nervous about it, since I was really annoyed by Daisy’s character in the book, but surprisingly the movie left me feeling exactly like I think it should have. There’s so much hope and fun in the beginning and then in the end…well I don’t want to ruin it if you haven’t seen it or read the book. Read the book, go see the movie.

Again, Happy Friday!

Happy Friday/ Denim On Denim/ The Lady of The Rivers/ Jay Gatsby

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My Many Musings…

BraidsIt’s all about the braids and bows this week. Can’t get enough of them and I can say with absolute confidence that they aren’t going anywhere. The “trend” is not a trend, it’s classic. Braids will be what I wear tomorrow and I’m excited to try some new tutorials I’ve found on pinterest. (Perhaps do a tutorial on here? Hmmm.)


Bows have been in the hair for my manager and I all this week, usually paired with something a little more masculine, like a flannel shirt and boots. I love it both ways, but I’m very excited to try the scarf bow for my hair. I have a brown polka dot one that I am eager to use, and we all know how I feel about polka dots!

Have a great weekend! And don’t forget to wish your mama a Happy Mother’s Day!

Side Braid/ Braided Bun/ Sweet Curly Bow/ Scarf Bow

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My Many Musings…

cocacolaHappy Friday!! Woot Woot! Time to enjoy that gorgeous Spring weather, maybe hit the beach for some sun, and catch up on some classic readings. Hope everyone’s week was exhausting so that we enjoy the weekend that much more! As this upcoming Monday marks when taxes are due, I am super thrilled that I have already turned mine in and NOT doing my usual procrastination.



I am in LOVE with this house! I see it every morning on Emma and I’s morning walk to the park. Just so cute, if I could hug this house, I would.


Ah, the bridal store. Styling is my thing. In Bridal. Woot. Woot. I assure you though, I thoroughly enjoy it and it is very rewarding to be a part of my bride’s special day even that little bit.


Filmed PERCEPTION this week and had a fabulous time. Excited to do IT’S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA in a couple weeks!

Have a great weekend guys! You deserve it!

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My Many Musings…

leodicaprioExcuse me, but who wouldn’t? As Hollywood’s “Jay Gatsby,” or any other role of his for that matter, yes. Yes, Leo, I will kiss you. 😉 For your pure enjoyment.

bluehydrangeasThese beauties are now in a few vases here and there in my apartment. They definitely go with our shabby chic decor, and the soft pastel blue is very calming. Emma and I have been taking long walks in the morning which is very soothing, and the hydrangeas just bring the outside in. I think a must have for adding a little color and de-stress from your busy life!

springcleaningSpeaking of de-stressing, spring cleaning may give you some anxiety at first, but let me tell you, you will feel SO MUCH BETTER when it’s over. This site here has a fantastic check off list to make sure you are good for another year.

floralpantsFloral pants. Done. Done as in, I hope this will be added to my closet soon, but we’ll see. Haha. Check these here, love them!

LaurenspostercardAnd last but not least, it was my roomie’s bday Monday, and Tay and I completely surprised her!! We covered her room with balloons and streamers and they outlined her bed, so it looked like a canopy. It was awesome! This was her card/poster and you’d think this wouldn’t take us very long, but we had to plan it out, get the candy, and don’t be fooled, we totally used a pencil first. Had a great time though and I’m going to try and upload the video of her seeing it when she got off work. Tay? We did good girl, well done! 🙂

Have a great weekend y’all!


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My Many Musings…

whitSJgownTaySJgown backsideSJgownSarah Janks Trunk Show was at the store this past weekend, and Tay and I absolutely LOVE her! Her gowns are exquisite! And they feel AMAZING! And hey, a girl can dream about the Oscars. If it happens, (I mean that’s the plan), I’ll be set in this oyster colored silk charmeuse gown. If you ever get a chance to try her dresses, or perhaps you are getting married soon, let me know girl, I got yah covered. Have a great weekend guys! I’ll be in New York next week shooting a webseries for my dear friend from college. Going to be a definite weather change from here in LA. Eek!


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My Many Musings…


As a gift, I’ve been given three months of Birchbox. It’s possibly one of the best gifts you can give a girl, especially a blogger girl.  Birchbox sends you 4-5 samples of new products in a small little box once a month. Sometimes I get a hot new nail polish or others the most amazing lip balm that makes my lips feel perfect as soon as it’s on. Try it for yourself. It doesn’t cost an arm and a leg at all! 10$/month! Sounds like a win, and for me, it most certainly is.


After my last post on Friday, Devin and I had a double date night with some friends and ended the night with some hard core games of Rumikub. Never played it? or even worse, never even heard of it??? It’s an instant obsession. Better get your game face on!


Birthday Girl, Liz, decided Korean BBQ and karaoke was what she wanted to celebrate with, and I can honestly say there was some stumbling and some really bad singing going on. The best part of the night was definitely when all the boys got together for the perfect boy band show down and sang some Backstreet Boys “Everybody.” ….uhh, yah.


Oh gosh, go ahead and say it, I’m completely domesticated. I know, I know. But let me say that being part of a girl’s night book club has been one of the best things of this new year. We agreed to read Hope, A Tragedy, which was great. Comedic and interesting, an easy read, but some say pretty controversial. I think, read it for yourself and you can say what you like. It was great getting to know the girls more, and everyone’s contributions to the menu were fantastic. Fruit plate, veggie plate (not pictured), kale salad, and a lemon tart topped with raspberries for dessert was totally on par. We had a wonderful time sharing our thoughts on the reading material and can’t wait for the next on April Fool’s Day! We are scheduled to read The Great Gatsby, (uh, already started and can’t put it down. WHY haven’t I read this before!), and The Story of Edgar Sawtelle, a heartwarming story about a mute boy and his dog companion. Lookin’ forward to it ladies!


I think it was about time for some new glasses. I ran out of contacts about a month or so ago and have been wearing my glasses since. I like my glasses but I feel pretty dorky sometimes when I constantly have to push them back up on my nose. However, found this wonderful little place close to home, and not only were they THE sweetest people alive, the doc told me my eyes have not only changed prescription, but they have actually gotten better! Woot Woot! Go eyes! Not that there was a dramatic change, but enough to make me feel good about it considering family history. 🙂 And while waiting to check out, I found a few eye glasses that struck my fancy. I love glasses. There’s something so smart about them. A little sophistication if you will. And I will! I found some Vera Wang’s that I love! I pick them up tomorrow! 🙂 I feel smarter already. I mean more smart. 😉

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My Many Musings…


Happy Anniversary Lovely! Yesterday was Lovely LA’s one year anniversary. We’ve had a lot of fun, and even though there are changes being made, Lovely is still beautiful as always and certainly here for the bridechilla! We are also opening two new stores in the next couple months, Lovely DC and Lovely Philly! Woot woot!! Very exciting indeed!  Stay tuned for more news!

Pershing-Square Hairspray

Pershing Square is very relaxing for being right in the midst of the Downtown LA, and it felt really good to just sit in the sun. I was also told about this amazing hairspray that 1.) smells awesome, 2.) doesn’t make your hair stiff straight, and 3.) not that expensive! Sounds like a win, win…win to me. 😉

Also, Girl’s Night was great, finally got all four of us together!  It’s been awhile! Watching The Bachelor, cooking taco salad together, and catching each other up with all the latest news was so nice and one of my favorite parts of the week.

Valentine’s last night was superb. Devin and I cooked dinner together and watched our favorite show, Suits. Very relaxing, and I have to say I’m smitten. 🙂 He is wonderful.


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My Many Musings…

blueanimatedflowerHello All! Happy Friday! This week has had it’s ups and downs. Celebrated a very special lady’s birthday, was finally able to see Les Miserables (UhMazing!), and need to stock up on some Oreos and red wine. BUT, overall a great week!  Want to give another birthday wish to my good friend Evan. May your day, night, and the rest of the weekend be as crazy as you hope it to be! And with that, Happy Friday, and see you next week!

My Many Musings…

This is the Carol Hannah “Pemberley” gown I was telling you about. Wilmarose of Lovely Jubilee styled the shoot for Caroline Tran. Theresa Huang is responsible for hair and makeup. So excited to wear a Carol Hannah original again!


Sock Bun hairdo! Thanks to my roomie’s curiosity, we both now know how to do a sock bun. Perhaps a “How To” to come?

Hope everyone had a great week!

My Many Musings…

TGIF!! Usually everyone else’s weekends are my busy work days in the bridal world, but this weekend is an exception! Devin and I are off to Catalina for the first time and I could not be more excited! A nice three day weekend to relax, hike, and watch some Niners’ championship football. (Now, I hail from Texas, so I will always be a Cowboys fan at heart, but the Niners do play some damn good football, and Kaepernick is an instant favorite.)

But in the meantime, to set off the weekend right, here are some musings from this week!

BLuJam1{Tay & I at Blu Jam Cafe! We did however bring Food & Lab lattes with us. ;)}

babysbreath1{Baby’s Breath from market in one of my hanging planters from IKea. Perfect for right in front of my window.}

coffee1{New coffee maker from my someone special! I think I’m getting better at making coffee. Not sure I have the greatest track record when it comes to this stuff. 🙂 But this morning’s cup wasn’t too bad at all!}

hotchoc1{Had a girl’s night this week! Erica made us some amazing chicken and vegetable stew and Tay made some Hot Chocolate for dessert. Yum!}

scarf1{Another gift from Devin 🙂 A blue silk scarf all the way from his trip to Thailand.}

jewelrybox1{The decorator in me will change things around every now and then and my bathroom was the latest change. A small jewelry box from Anthropologie  now holds my main pieces and now easy to grab after makeup and hair is done!}

catalinaHope everyone has a wonderful weekend and enjoy the warm sunny California weather while it’s here!

Woot Woot! Catalina!

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