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BraidsIt’s all about the braids and bows this week. Can’t get enough of them and I can say with absolute confidence that they aren’t going anywhere. The “trend” is not a trend, it’s classic. Braids will be what I wear tomorrow and I’m excited to try some new tutorials I’ve found on pinterest. (Perhaps do a tutorial on here? Hmmm.)


Bows have been in the hair for my manager and I all this week, usually paired with something a little more masculine, like a flannel shirt and boots. I love it both ways, but I’m very excited to try the scarf bow for my hair. I have a brown polka dot one that I am eager to use, and we all know how I feel about polka dots!

Have a great weekend! And don’t forget to wish your mama a Happy Mother’s Day!

Side Braid/ Braided Bun/ Sweet Curly Bow/ Scarf Bow

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