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Happy Friday indeed! Now, for most people it’s the end of your week, your saving grace that you’re able to rest for a couple days, have some BBQs and enjoy sleeping in. However, for me, my weekend is Mon/Tues, so I’m just now getting in the groove of my week and headed in for a busy weekend at that at the bridal store. But here’s to you and “Happy Friday!”


My favorite pin of the week!  Make sure you check out my pinterest, because I’m probably pinning about 4/5 times a day. I do it while I walk my dog, blog, eating breakfast, and when I’m trying to find inspiration for just about anything. I’m a pinning feign.


New book club read and it’s an easy read at that. If you liked The Other Boleyn Girl, you’ll definitely like it. I just started but so far so good!


Speaking of book club, the three of us girls in my own book club had our first outing together and we went to see The Great Gatsby. First of all, I was a fan of Leo before, but now, whew! Those eyes (sigh) and all of his choices and expressions were awesome and I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. I was a little nervous about it, since I was really annoyed by Daisy’s character in the book, but surprisingly the movie left me feeling exactly like I think it should have. There’s so much hope and fun in the beginning and then in the end…well I don’t want to ruin it if you haven’t seen it or read the book. Read the book, go see the movie.

Again, Happy Friday!

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Books & Coffee

gottaloveGOTTA love books and coffee! And together! Ugh, amazing. I’ve been loving getting up early in the morning to read and drink my coffee. Something about the morning air, a little chilly right now, but you can smell the spring coming!  I have to say it’s a lot easier to wake up in the morning when I had 8am call times in New York. It was snowing when I left, as we sat 40 min on the tarmac while they defrosted the plane. So it’s very nice to be back in sunny california!

As you know, I am part of a book club, and yes, while we do drink wine during these little get togethers, we still read the books! For the next meeting we have decided upon The Great Gatsby and The Story of Edgar Sawtelle. The Great Gatsby of course to get ready for the much anticipated movie directed by Baz Luhrmann, and Edgar Sawtelle because I’ve had the book and hear it’s wonderful. Excited to be able to finally read it but also have people I can chat about it with.


edgarsawtelleOur last book club meeting was great! Our last book posted here, was good. Interesting and comedic, although, my expressions were more like the yellow pill shaped minions on Despicable Me with “wwwhhhaaatttt???” Everyone brought a contribution, like kale salad, veggie plate, fruit plate, wine, and to finish a lovely lemon tart! Next book club meet is at my place on April 1st and I’m really excited!

Hope everyone’s Monday is off to a good start and Tay and I have great posts for you this week!



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