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Quote Of The Day

Secret-of-Change“…building the new.” Yes, sir.

You see and know the person you want to be, and why does it seem so hard to make that happen? I think you just have to take step by little step, and before long, you’ll look up and see that you made it. Doesn’t seem so hard, now does it?

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Quote Of The Day

NevergiveupquoteSorry for the late posting but some new things are in development and Tay and I are really excited about it all. It’s taking time, and going to take even more to get it right, so this quote has definitely inspired us to keep going. Author is unknown, but I love it, and it’s a nice little reminder to “just keep swimming” when the going gets tough…And trust me, 9 times out of 10, it’s VERY tough.


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Quote Of The Day!

happyquoteHere, Here!!! I don’t believe there is a measure for happiness, but I do know you can’t have too much. Thanks for sharing your happiness with us Tay, it’s contagious. 😉

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Quote Of The Day

XOXOQUOTEEnough said…

-Whit & Tay


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Quote Of The Day



Happy Wednesday everyone! Today is about change. You probably have an image of what you’d like to be. Maybe you’re tired of being in the same spot in work or just life in general? You can be what you want. You can be who you need to be, and imagining yourself that way is the first step. Strive to do it, be it. It’s possibly a lot easier than you think it is.

So today, I am imagining myself getting a lot done today, checking things off my list like the type A person I need to be. I’m also imagining myself in a turquoise skirt and white blazer for work. Gonna make it happen! 😉

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Quote Of The Day


Been Trying to convince Tay to share my blog with me till she has time for her own. So I’ll just start by putting up her quotes on Wednesdays, and maybe then she’ll be so excited to contribute that it’ll transfer easily. 🙂  Today, this one really hit me.   Sometimes there are things in life that you can’t change, you have to go through them to get to the next chapter. As much as they might suck, or in the words of my 16 year old sister, “My life is over,” there’s always a window somewhere letting in the light. So don’t stay stuck, or feel like you are. You have the power to turn the page.

Happy Wednesday Loves!

XOXO -Whit & Tay

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Chalkboard Shoe Box Lids

BathroomdecorchalkboardsignsThe thing I love most about this project, is that it’s a chalkboard, and therefore, very easy to change what it says. Or if I want a little color, I just add it. My words have always been “Dream” and “Believe.” My sister, Hannah, has always been “Hope” and “Faith.” Perhaps that will be a good birthday present for her. I can’t believe she’s going to be 17 years old. Crazy. But anyways, hope you like the project and it will inspire you to do a chalkboard sign as well. 🙂

Chalkboard-Shoe-Box-Lids{Step 1.} Using shoe box lids that you don’t use anymore are easy and less expensive than actual canvas. Pour a small, needed amount of black chalkboard paint, or even a brighter color, onto the shoebox lid and spread over with a paint roller for best results.

PaintedBlackChalkboardsigns{Step 2.} Once completely covered, let the paint dry fully for about an hour or two. Apply a second coat.

dreamandbelievechalkboardsigns{Step 3.} Once dry, with a piece of chalk, write, draw, scribble whatever you like! Maybe your favorite quote, or hearts for the upcoming Valentine’s Day? Either way, very fun, and super easy!

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