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Smashing ;)


Beautiful day here in LA! Gorgeous! Came into work last Sat and Tay started freaking out and saying how much I looked like Katherine McPhee from Smash in this video with Jeremy Jordan for Rewrite This Story. I had no idea what she was talking about, but certainly surprised when I saw my outfit actually did resemble her own ensemble and I have to say I was quite pleased that I put together an outfit that a trained costumer put together for the great Katherine McPhee. Schaaweeeeetttt! Hey, I’ll take my “gets” when I can. πŸ˜‰





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Sweetness In Turquoise & Maroon

TayTitle Tay2 Taydetails TayLabels

Work, work, and more work. For Tay it’s all her classes at FIDM and myself busy with auditions and the bridal store; keeping up with my brides, my dresses, and my social media for Lovely. We just launched our ready-to-wear line called ShopLovely.com and you should definitely check it out. I’m totally obsessed with one of the dresses and I’m hoping to call it mine soon! But in the meantime, I shall be truly inspired by Tay and her classic but trendy style. Thanks Tay πŸ˜‰

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Cute To Boot


Is she not just cute to boot? And quite literally with her outfit. Tay never ceases to astound me with her choices and this somewhat trendy style is totally classy and sexy at the same time. And this awesome wear-it-with-anthing belt is from her mama. What goes around comes around. I do have to say as well, that shopping with Tay is a WAY better experience than just shopping alone. She’ll definitely tell you “yes” or “no,” which is very helpful when it comes to the pocket book. (Or maybe not so helpful! Eek!) Happy Thursday y’all. Knock ’em dead.

cutetoboot2 cutetoboot3 Cutetoboot4

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Sunburst & Casual Friday


Last Friday was a success, but Saturday night was a tad painful. Meaning that it was a full day of work at the bridal store and then decided to go out with the girls….Should have thought it through a bit more. 1Am rolls around, and I’m dead tired and ready to go. However, after the swankiness of Laurel Tavern, everyone had a hankering for some Ihop. …Oh…dear. I fell asleep at the table! I’m sad, I know. But overall the night was good, the girls were great, and the atmosphere is highly recommended.

sunburst2 sunburst3 sunburst4Madewell/ American Eagle/ Free People

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Color Me Up!



sittingfullShoes & Bracelets: Madewell, Shorts: Blu Pepper, Blouse: Love Stitch, Clutch: Target

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Tay’s Street Chic!




streetchic2Shoes: Target Missoni/ Necklace: Topshop/ Jeans: James/ Shirt: Otis & Maclain/ Blazer: Necessary Objects

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At Home Style

whitneyisModernRomanceMy post today is a little inspiration on what my decorating style is at home. I love touches of glamour and including my Texas background with rustic elements. A little shabby chic at times, but more in the sense of using neutrals with pops of color. Most of my furniture is white, (which is hard with my furry ones,) but now that spring is here, I’m excited to use some turquoise like this gorgeous chair, and some fun prints like the chevron rug above. Check out my post on Lovely’s blog, for some more inspiration from the girls I work with!



modernromance1Glamour Chair/ Makeup Storage/ Modern Comfort Living Room/ Elegant & Relaxed Living/ Gold Polka Dots/ Rustic Romance Living/ Metallic Containers

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My Many Musings…

leodicaprioExcuse me, but who wouldn’t? As Hollywood’s “Jay Gatsby,” or any other role of his for that matter, yes. Yes, Leo, I will kiss you. πŸ˜‰ For your pure enjoyment.

bluehydrangeasThese beauties are now in a few vases here and there in my apartment. They definitely go with our shabby chic decor, and the soft pastel blue is very calming. Emma and I have been taking long walks in the morning which is very soothing, and the hydrangeas just bring the outside in. I think a must have for adding a little color and de-stress from your busy life!

springcleaningSpeaking of de-stressing, spring cleaning may give you some anxiety at first, but let me tell you, you will feel SO MUCH BETTER when it’s over. This site here has a fantastic check off list to make sure you are good for another year.

floralpantsFloral pants. Done. Done as in, I hope this will be added to my closet soon, but we’ll see. Haha. Check these here, love them!

LaurenspostercardAnd last but not least, it was my roomie’s bday Monday, and Tay and I completely surprised her!! We covered her room with balloons and streamers and they outlined her bed, so it looked like a canopy. It was awesome! This was her card/poster and you’d think this wouldn’t take us very long, but we had to plan it out, get the candy, and don’t be fooled, we totally used a pencil first. Had a great time though and I’m going to try and upload the video of her seeing it when she got off work. Tay? We did good girl, well done! πŸ™‚

Have a great weekend y’all!


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Classic Style With A Chambray


Tay has some of the best style I know. Always classic and sophisticated. One of her projects at FIDM was titled “Sweet Serendipity,” and I feel like that definitely describes her style. Her style is just right at the right time.

tay4 tay2 tay1

A little mood lighting please!

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Dress It Up!

whitarrowOk I know I haven’t posted in awhile, but I’ve been in and out of town, and been my usual busy bee. BUT, I have a whole week planned and I’m excited to share! Tay and I have been brainstorming on posts and the like, where we’d like the blog to go, image and all that! She’s having finals this week, and getting 100s left and right! Woot Woot! Go Tay! I’m sure you can expect a great quote from her tomorrow, but in the meantime, you’ll have to patiently sit through a style post from me. πŸ˜‰ I hope it does at least inspire you some what.

whit3 whitdetailsΒ Upon further review I see that my vest needs some serious lint rolling! Blah. But moving right along to the dress, I’m totally sold when a dress has pockets! Woohoo! Quite a few of our dresses at the shop have pockets in them. Can you imagine?! A wedding gown with pockets! Ok, maybe it’s not as cool as I think it is, but I think it’s pretty handy.

Vest & Dress: Club Monaco

Shoes: Forever 21

whitarrowfeet whit5

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