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Quote Of The Day

startedlivingDone. Awhile ago, an unfortunate event happened, and upon hearing it, I thought, “wow, the character of some people, astound me.” It’s incredible how some people milk things to get what they want. Amazing.

I did also have a bride in this past week whose twin sister was just so calm and collected, you knew she had her life exactly the way she wants it. Successful, intelligent, fashionable, just plain had her shit together. It was really inspiring.

So meeting this very happy woman to hearing about my circumstance with someone who is probably not happy whatsoever, has projected me into a “self-help” if you will. I’ve been researching financial avenues to retire on, I’ve completely gutted my apartment with the things I do not need, and I’m creating a site as we speak to promote myself involving my talents as an actress. But it doesn’t stop there! I highly recommend a book called The Beauty Detox Solution by Kimberly Snyder. Um, pretty much changing my life. Nothing but good things to say, and seeing the benefits of eating healthy are indescribable. I leave the above quote up to you on whether you’re inspired or not, though I sincerely hope it does.

Quote thanks to zsazsabellagio

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